VR Partner Workshop at 3IT – It’s the Wild Wild West!

HandsonVR This month our series of virtual reality workshops entered its second round – only this time the group of participants was smaller, about 60 people and it was designed for and with our partners and offered numerous hands-on VR opportunities and activities. This all-day event was moderated by Kathleen Schröter and took place at the 3IT and CINIQ Center of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute on Monday, 2 May, 2016.

In the morning presentations by Ralf Schäfer of Fraunhofer HHI and Johannes Steurer of ARRI gave great insight into the technical challenges for VR and 360° shootings in terms of camera solutions. Since a good VR experience is far from being complete without spatial sound, we were happy to have Julien Robilliard from Fraunhofer IIS as a guest, a specialist for acoustical engineering and 3D sound solutions. Sönke Kirchhof from reallifefilm international gave a talk on VR content and Alissia Iljaitsch and Dr. Kimo Quaintance from IQ Gemini took a look into the future of VR and laid emphasis on other factors that should be taken into consideration as part of the design for VR content.

To get a good overview of our current partner network and their intersections with virtual reality, everybody had the opportunity to introduce themselves in as little as 3 minutes. The lunch break was not just about food, participants tried out several breathtaking VR experiences and demonstrations developed or provided by Fraunhofer HHI, ARRI, Technicolor, reallifefilm international/ INVR, Deutsche Telekom, design akademie berlin, Fraunhofer IIS and Solectrix.

In the afternoon the attendees had to decide on one topic that they wanted to take a more detailed look into. We offered three different interactive workshops with the following subjects:

VR production & post production workflow Josef Kluger, KUK Film & Sönke Kirchhof, reallifefilm international
VR storytelling & script writing Joséphine Dérobe, Director/Stereographer & Astrid Kahmke, Bayerisches Filmzentrum
Creative ideation and experience design methods for VR Alissia Iljaitsch & Dr. Kimo Quaintance, IQ Gemini

The summary at the end of the day showed clearly: we are still at the beginning of discovering the opportunities that lie in the brave new world or as one speaker said “in this WILD WILD WEST”. Now it is time to get together different disciplines and cooperate with new research and development fields, whether it is psychology, neurosciences or anthropology – they all might be future partners for the old and established media as well as the games industry.

Take a look at our program for more details. The working groups generated lots of input and the attendees got to know the other participants and their expertise. e now arrived in market research with and through the visionary future topics ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Industry 4.0’. From our perspective, there is a lot of overlap and potential for synergies with our partner Ipsos here.”

Here are some voices from this event:
“The amount of knowledge that was imparted in one day was a lot but not too much; experiencing VR3D with real applications broadened my horizons.”

“It was a very well organized event and useful to bring different actors together. Maybe one matter for the next event would be to widen the scope of actors required for VR solution building, i.e. to have CGI SW & HW vendors.”

“I think this location is always exceptionally good, both in terms of travel logistics and the venue itself. Where else in the world could you have both the big rooms and space plus the technical infrastructure.”

Source: anonymous event feedback poll via surveymonkey.

Thank you all for making the event a success. Great ideas were developed in a very creative atmosphere. We are looking forward to the next workshop.

For more impressions please see some highlight pictures of the day.