Virtual LiVe – Hybrid Live-Concert in New Format @Kesselhaus Berlin with Fraunhofer Technology

+++Fraunhofer x Kesselhaus x THE DARK TENOR x Queenz of Piano x Planetarium Bochum x Digital Stage+++

Live concerts, visits to the theater or opera are an integral part of many people’s lives. Experiencing artists up close and feeling the atmosphere of a live event is a very special experience! However, a long journey to the venue or even quite banal things, such as a lack of childcare, often prevent participation.

With hybrid live events, three Fraunhofer Institutes, the creative industries and companies from the event industry are now offering an alternative to on-site participation. Visitors can experience this format at a one-of-a kind hybrid live concert – one of the validation projects within the project Virtual LiVe – Virtualization of Events via Audiovisual Immersion. The project was launched at the 3IT in the beginning of the year and the project partners are excited to share their findings via this concert.

With the help of interactive streaming technologies, visitors will be able to experience a hybrid concert by the artist not only on site in Berlin, but also via the Internet, applaud the artist and exchange ideas with each other. Some of the musicians will join the performance via the Internet, even though they are playing in different locations. In addition, the concert will be transmitted to the Planetarium Bochum as a 360° projection and with 3D-Audio sound.

Visitors will be able to follow the concert live on site or via the Internet.

Date: Sat, 11 December 2021
Time: 8 pm
Kesselhaus at Kulturbrauerei Berlin
Planetarium Bochum

Watch the Teaser Trailer and find out everything about the hybrid live-concert in a new format @Kesselhaus Berlin with Fraunhofer Technology:

Billy Andrews, The Dark Tenor, will hold the premiere of his Classic RoXX Tour at the Kesselhaus in Berlin on 11 December 2021. You can join this show live on site at the Kesselhaus Berlin and in the Planetarium Bochum where a 360° live stream with 3D-Audio will be provided. You can also join the show online for free! Check out the following section, to get an overview about how to attend the show in their respective different formats!

Get your tickets or join online for free:


On-site hybrid live-concert at Kesselhaus Berlin.

On-site hybrid live-concert at Planetarium Bochum.

Join the concert online for free!