Concept of Projects

The 3IT platform is constantly refined and developed further in close collaboration with its partners. Some projects were started specifically between partners and later supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Other technical developments and collaborations came into existence during one of the 3IT’s events or get-togethers, where it actively contributed so that contacts were built and opinions were exchanged. These are some of the innovation center’s selected projects that are introduced in more detail here.


The M3D project will develop a complete processing chain for capturing, processing, 3D modelling, searching in databases and 3D printing of spare parts. M3D is our latest project funded by the German Government.
The constantly advancing 3D market also provides innovative solutions for the medical and industrial sectors. The further development of the medical engineering industry is supported by the German government with our latest project: 3DInMed
The Automated Stereo Production System (ASP) significantly reduces the 3D production effort and cost by using a mirrorless side-by-side camera for real-time correction and configuration of various parameters.