Concept of Projects

The 3IT platform is continuously refined and further developed in close collaboration with its partners. Some projects were specifically started between partners and later supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Further technical developments and collaborations came into existence during numerous of the 3IT’s events or get-togethers, where the platform actively contributed to the establishment of contacts and exchange of opinions. In the following, several selected projects of the Innovation Center are introduced in more detail.

The project TeleSTAR uses a full digital surgical microscope and augmented/mixed reality to provide new tools that permit teaching and intraoperative assistance. EIT Health is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union.

The Comprehensive Surgical Landscape Guidance System for Immersive Assistance in Minimally-invasive and Microscopic Interventions is intended to recognize the surgeon’s navigation process by means of an understandable, immersive visualization and interaction, to navigate him foresighted and to accompany him through the surgical procedure.

The project MultiARC is engaged with developing an interactive and multimodal-based augmented reality system for computer-assisted surgery in the context of ear, nose and throat (ENT) treatment.


The M3D project aims at developing an entire process chain for capturing, processing, 3D modelling, searching in databases and 3D printing of spare parts. M3D is funded by the German Government.

The 3D market, which is constantly evolving, also provides innovative solutions for the medical and industrial sectors. The further development of the medical engineering industry is supported by the German government with our latest project: 3DInMed.

The Automated Stereo Production System (ASP) significantly reduces the 3D production effort and cost by using a mirrorless side-by-side camera for real-time correction and configuration of various parameters.