Network of the 3IT

Actors of the Entire Sector of Immersive Imaging Technologies

A bilateral agreement between a company and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute offers prospective partners the choice between a variety of membership categories – namely Bronze, Gold, Silver or Platinum status. Whichever membership status they choose, partners can always avail themselves of the 3IT as an event venue, marketing platform and networking nexus. Active participation in special projects is open to all partners. With the Platinum Partnership, the highest membership category, partners are also free to participate in setting the strategic direction of the 3IT in the Steering Committee.

  • Industry – Vendors of technology for 3D production, studios, displays and storage
  • Provider – from broadcasting stations and TV channels to telecoms services
  • Service Provider – from pre- and postproduction
  • User – in areas of potential application such as entertainment, TV, film, publishing, medicine, security, education etc.
  • Small & Medium Sized Companies – SMEs as potential users of R&D innovations, products and services
  • Research – Universities and private sector innovation centers



  • R&D lab for projects, innovations and standards
  • Development platform and testbed
  • Showroom for prototypes and products
  • Showroom for applications and infrastructures
  • Communication platform for providers, users and the general public
  • Transfer platform for know-how and professional training
  • Marketing instrument for advertising, sales and PR
  • Resource pool for experts, know-how, marketing and target group data

Immersive imaging technologies are giving rise to a widely diversified range of new industry sectors and professions. With their arts- and sciences- oriented approach, universities play a special role in the pre-competitive environment of the whole sector of immersive imaging technologies. This is where creative minds come together to cooperate on the realization of tomorrow’s projects. And this is why the 3IT offers a platform where the up and coming generation of the young and gifted can rub shoulders with industry and where industry has a first class opportunity to directly acquire the skills and abilities it needs.

In view of the unique pool of expertise, creativity and young qualified professionals they hold, the Steering Committee has decided to offer universities a non-monetary form of partnership. This partnership is based on proactive participation in the 3IT which should be substantiated by submission of a working concept and the regular presentation of results.

For more information on universities as partners in the 3IT please contact Marc Reznicek


How to Become a Partner

For more information about our partnership program, please download our Concept of Use.

The Concept of Use is also available in German.

Would you like to become a partner or learn more about our partner program?
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