3IT as Testbed for Corona-App: PEPP-PT Testing in our Facilities

The current situation surrounding Covid-19 alters usual work procedures in the 3IT – as it does everywhere. As in-house tours and events are not possible at the moment, the 3IT team is proud that our facilities can contribute to the further development of a system that will help to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

We are hosting several test runs in the facilities of the 3IT and the CINIQ Center in order to support the scientific endeavors to produce a fully functioning Privacy Protecting Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT).

The PEPP-PT system is being created by a multi-national European team. It is an anonymous and privacy-preserving digital contact tracing approach, which is in full compliance with GDPR and can also be used when traveling between countries through an anonymous multi-country exchange mechanism. No personal data, no location, no Mac-Id of any user is stored or transmitted. PEPP-PT is designed to be incorporated in national corona mobile phone apps as a contact tracing functionality and allows for the integration into the processes of national health services. The solution is offered to be shared openly with any country, given the commitment to achieve interoperability so that the anonymous multi-country exchange mechanism remains functional.

PEPP-PT’s international team consists of more than 130 members working across more than seven European countries including scientists, technologists, and experts from well-known research institutions and companies. The result of the team’s work will be owned by a non-profit organization to ensure that the technology and standards are available to everyone. The priorities are the well being of world citizens today and the development of tools to limit the impact of future pandemics – all while conforming to European norms and standards.

For further information on the German approach on proximity tracing as proposed by Fraunhofer, please click here.