3IT Partner Rohde & Schwarz Offers Free eBook on their 5G Broadcast/Multicast Technology

3IT’s longtime partner Rohde & Schwarz offers technological solutions for 5G broadcast! All details summed up in a free eBook!

5G is for sure promising to provide new and original technological and business opportunities. However, 5G brings also new broadcast and multicast capabilities to the whole ecosystem allowing other new applications and granular business potentials.

With 5G broadcast network operators have an exciting opportunity to make their infrastructure more dynamic and intelligent, delivering a better quality of service with higher quality of experience as a result.

With the lower latency and higher flexibility that 5G broadcast/multicast offers, the consumer experience can be improved with more real-time apps. 5G broadcast gives network operators a simple way to use network resources more efficiently to create new business opportunities and reach a wider audience. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

It does not only deliver media and entertainment to smartphones but also reaches smart vehicles with OTA updates, media and entertainment inside the car and map updates. It provides many application segments to be efficiently implemented using 5G Multicast either in downlink- only mode or in a combination with uplink channel, using the same infrastructure.

Live event multicasting makes more sense while using this feature and 5G broadcast can transmit public safety multicast, such as urgent weather and community information, simplifying the relationship between community members and public authorities.

Several other services could be optimized while using multicast over 5G, including OTA multicast for centralized configuration and control, live commerce and rural E-learning where no internet connection is available or possible. In addition, 5G multicast enables venue casting where the consumer can combine live experience with home comfort.

Rohde & Schwarz has prepared an eBook which gives an overview of the 5G Broadcast/Multicast technology and the benefits it has to offer. It highlights challenges and solutions for broadcast network operators, mobile network operators and content providers in a world of ever-growing media consumption.

Watch a teaservideo about the 5G broadcast/multicast eBook here.

Download the eBook for free here!