Introducing VRINN – our new Partner

Hei VRINN – happy to have you!

Building synergies is a keyword for the 3IT. We believe in the benefits of knowledge sharing, mutual support and cross-border cooperation. In the Hamar and inland region of Norway we can find a leading national environment for Virtual Reality and game development. Especially for the reason to establish and support the VR ecosystem, the municipalities of this region have created a technology cluster with the mission to offer its members a platform to connect, exchange ideas, develop projects and thus jointly advance the development of VR technology. We are super happy to announce the new special cooperation with VRINN.  

Members of VRINN are companies from both the public and the private sector as well as from academia. The field of activity focuses on the topic of immersive learning – more precisely: How can immersive technologies such as VR and AR be used in the areas of learning, education and training as well as knowledge transfer in general? However, the members are also active in a wide range of disciplines, including healthcare, crisis management, decision making, and operational support. Please find a full member list here.

VRINN helps its members to position themselves on the market, to develop further and to raise their reach to an international level. The overall goal is to contribute to research and development within the VR sector and to help build solid companies that create innovations with an international character.

To support this process, the cluster organizes the Nordic VR Forum conference in Hamar every year with more than 300 guests from all over the world. Get your Early Bird ticket now!