New 3D PluraView Monitor by Schneider Digital

Schneider Digital, one of our long-term partners, has developed a new 3D PluraView monitor. The 3D PluraView family of monitors with the Plug&Play beam-splitter technology has the highest user acceptance of any 3D-stereo system currently on the market among all Geospatial workloads.
Their technology has been established for more than 14 years and has become the 3D-stereo display reference with the PluraView 28” stereo monitor at full 4K (UHD) resolution and 10-bit color depth. The high-end displays of the 3D-monitors make it uncomplicated to work in perfect high quality 3D-stereo experience even in daylight.

The 3D PluraView 3D-stereo monitor has been designed for stereo viewing in a wide variety of Geospatial and surveying industries, such as Photogrammetry, GIS / Mapping, 3D LiDAR, oil & gas prospecting, archaeology or BIM & 3D city model visualization. Even when several people are working together in front of the PluraView, the application still guarantees a perfect view from every angle with an absence of any display flickering.

Due to these unique features of the monitors and the advanced technology the 3D PluraView gives the freedom to completely redesign the stereo workstation environment, so tasks can be accomplished more efficiently with a much enhanced user motivation.

The key to perfect 3D stereo visualization in all professional applications is the new BlackTurner technology of the 3D PluraView, which enables the capturing of objects even in dark areas of the images. Ghost images and blurring are reduced by a reaction time of only 1ms. More detailed information about the 3D PluraView monitors can be found on Schneider Digitals website.