Automated Stereo Production (ASP)

A smart embedded 3D stereo camera assistance system for unattended broadcast and POV applications

Reducing the cost of future 3D stereo recording is the aim of the ASP (Automated Stereo Production) collaborative research project. At the NAB 2013, project partners Fraunhofer HHI, Fraunhofer IIS, ZEISS, P+S Technik and KUK Film have shown their new stereo concept, which is simple to use, low cost, highly functional and largely automatic.

The ASP system is based on a mirrorless side-by-side camera system with integration of newly developed components like high-end zoom lenses and compact smart cameras. Integration of highly complex algorithms enables real-time correction and configuration of key parameters for stereo quality such as color matching and stereo geometry or stereo baseline and convergence. The whole system only requires a small number of servomotors and is much more robust than conventional systems whilst also significantly reducing the time and effort needed for setup.


Main Features at first glance

  • Optimal solution for cost-effective 3D productions
  • Compact and robust side-by-side stereo rig
  • Small form factor, light weight, easy handling
  • Integrated zoom lenses of high quality
  • Smart POV cameras with on board intelligence
  • Scene-adaptive control of stereo parameters
  • Automated adjustment of convergence and baseline
  • Real-time stereo alignment, even while zooming
  • Provision of comfortable3D viewing quality
  • Avoidance of time-consuming stereo rigging


 Lenses and Imaging system

  • Extremely compact zoom lenses
  • Highest optical performance
  • Focal range: 8-30mm
  • T2.8 aperture (over full zoom range)
  • Support of HD and beyond
  • Newest 2/3″ imaging technology
  • Smart real time on-board processing


  • Weight: app. 3,2 kg (ASP set-up)
  • Size: 180 x 150 x 240 (w x h x d in mm)
  • IO: 42-100mm (up to lens & capture module)
  • Standardized mechanical interfaces
  • Support of existing accessories
  • Major electrical interfaces supported (HDMI, BNC, USB, Ethernet, Triax, etc.)

Operative Functions

  • No wasting rigging time
  • APP-based set-up control
  • Automated stereo adjustment
  • Support of unmanned operation
  • Modular system design
  • Exchangeable components (lenses, motors, sensors)


  • Complete integration of automated algorithms into smart stereo camera systems
  • Integration of zoom lens adjustments/corrections (IBC 2013)
  • Test shoots in autumn/winter 2013


Stephan Gick
Electronic Imaging
Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
Am Wolfsmantel 33 l 91058 Erlangen l Germany

Phone: +49 9131 776 5120

Peter Kauff
Head of Vision & Imaging Technologies Department
Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
Einsteinufer 37 l 10587 Berlin l Germany

Phone: +49 30 31002 615

Jean-Claude Rosenthal
Vision & Imaging Technologies
Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute
Einsteinufer 37 l 10587 Berlin l Germany

Phone: +49 30 31002 269

Consortium Leader

Project Partners

Associated Partners

Berliner Philharmoniker & Phil Media GmbH
VTQ Videotronik GmbH
University Potsdam, Germany