reallifefilm international Established VR Studio and Rental House in Berlin

In July 2015, INVR.SPACE started as a brand of reallifefilm international, who is a partner of the 3IT and a member of the steering committee. Since then the company has worked on more than 20 projects connected to VR and 360° video.

In March 2016 INVR.SPACE was established as an independent full service studio, combining production, postproduction, app development and R&D for new technologies, fitting all kinds of projects: documentary, feature film, commercial and live broadcast up to 360°. Rental services and technology sales cover on set technologies (rigs, cameras, live stitching server, accessories and software), postproduction tools (hard- and software) as well as VR devices for mobile and stationary use.

The variety of clients and partners of INVR.SPACE in 2015: Samsung, BMW, Mercedes Benz, UFA, Videostitch and 3IT members like Fraunhofer HHI and imcube Technologies.

You can take a look at one of INVR.SPACE’s projects here. (2D Demo, APP will be stereoscopic 3D)