“Virtual Play, after Samuel Beckett”

V-SENSE conducts creative experiments to explore the new potential opened up by its cutting edge technologies when combined with creative arts in real productions. In collaboration with the School of Drama and the School of Engineering of Trinity College Dublin, V-SENSE produced a reinterpretation of Samuel Beckett’s ground-breaking 1963 text “Play” with a view to engaging a 21st century viewership that is increasingly accessing content via Virtual Reality technologies. The viewer is immersed into the play and can interact in six degrees of freedom (6DoF). The technology used for this production called “Virtual Play, after Samuel Beckett” has since been outsourced into a startup company, Volograms Limited. The production itself received the NEM Art Award in November 2017 and was submitted to other festivals too.

For more details and a video, check out the website of V-SENSE.


V-SENSE is a team of 20+ researchers (half postdocs half PhDs) in visual computing at the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Media Signal Processing. We are building a dynamic environment where enthusiastic young scientists with different backgrounds get together to shape the future in fundamental as well as applied research projects. Directions include but are not limited to:

  • Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (AR/ VR/ MR)
  • Free View-point Video (FVV)
  • 360-Video
  • Light-Field Technologies
  • Visual Effects and Animation

The research project “V-SENSE – Extending Visual Sensation through Image-Based Visual Computing” is funded by SFI over five years with a substantial budget to cover over 20 researchers. This is part of a strategic investment in creative technologies by SFI and Trinity College, which is defined as one of the strategic research themes of the college. V-Sense intends to become an incubator in this context, to stimulate further integration and growth and to impact creative industries in Ireland as a whole.

V-SENSE aims to establish Trinity College Dublin as a world leading center of excellence in creative technologies, as part of an even bigger endeavor to establish Dublin and Ireland as a center of creative industries in general, including technology and creative production.

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