VR PluraView – The New Reference for Passive 3D-Stereo Visualization in Medical Applications

3D PluraView with Vesalius3D

Volumetric 3D images and anatomical models are playing an increasingly significant role in medical training, complex surgery planning and in the communication of information to patients. The combination of the 3D PluraView and Vesalius3D from PS-Medtech and a laptop or tower-format station presents a truly affordable 3D workplace solution for doctor’s clinics and hospitals. 3IT’s long-time partner Schneider Digital has developed a ground-breaking benchmark for 3D-stereo visualization in medical applications: The 3D PluraView with Vesalius3D stereo monitors. Combining dual screens and a passive beam-splitter mirror, the 3D PluraView provides a realistic and high-resolution 3D experience, tantamount to a detailed holographic representation. Supported by the large 27” and 28” PluraView monitors in 2.5K and 4K (UHD) resolution, the 3D PluraView offers both, a superior viewing area as well as high brightness and contrast.

Vesalius3D is an easy-to-handle new software application for high-quality 3D visualisation and navigation through personalized, patient-specific, anatomical structures. Through the stereo 3D, Vesalius3D is adding in depth perception to an otherwise flat perspective. Allowing 3D visualisation on a single screen, it enables to “fly” through a patient’s vessels to explore them in detail. An integrated infrared tracking system ties live stereo rendering of 3D volume data to intuitive 3D navigation. Tracked gloves, tracked headsets, a footswitch, a harmonic Synergy Knife with a PST Pico (a very small tracker for easy integration in confined spaces) as well as VR-scalpels allow for ‘hands-on’ experience. These additional tools render the moving and modification of stereoscopic image information more intuitive than it would be possible with a standard mouse or keyboard.

Medical decision-making, previously based on a doctor’s experience, is now trained through real-time 3D visualisation, rendering Vesalius 3D a pivotal tool during team meeting or the planning for complex surgeries. Please find a video here.