VVoW – Volumetric Video Workflow

VVoW is a new project run by the 3IT partners Trotzkind GmbH, reallifefilm international GmbH and the Fraunhofer HHI’s Vision and Imaging Technologies Department.

Using the new volumetric video studio, which is part of the 3IT facilities, the aim of VVoW is a new 3D reconstruction and modelling method for real people based on a multi-camera recording system. The new system will be used for future film productions, walk-in entertainment and infotainment experiences.

Until today, the integration of real content into virtual and augmented reality application is only possible to a limited extent. Virtual characters are only realistic to a certain degree when one, for instance, regards the diversity of facial expressions and details in the movement of cloths.

In order to develop a marketable recording and production system for the integration of real recorded content into virtual reality (VR) applications and to evaluate and develop the production process further, the realization of the project needs to accommodate certain requirements.

First, methods for the temporal stabilization of dynamic 3D models need to be provided. Second, mesh reduction and smoothing techniques need to be developed. Third, for a successful realization of the project plug-ins for commercial 3D post-production tools for efficient post-processing of 3D meshes are required. Thereby, the volumetric video studio – that is a multi-camera recording system consisting of 32 cameras and 120 light panels positioned around the filmed object or person developed by Fraunhofer HHI – creates the conditions for the successful realization of a volumetric video workflow.

VVoW is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

For further information, take a look at the website of VVOW.