New Project launched @3IT: MultiARC!

The 3IT-Team is very excited to announce MultiARC within our large range of innovative projects. The cooperative project creates assisting aid with the development of interactive systems for microsurgery.

Surgical interventions are highly complicated. It is important to guarantee surgeons as many information as possible about the patient’s anatomy during the operation. Especially for microsurgery, assistance systems currently offer only a tiny support. MultiARC develops interactive systems within virtual and real spaces and is therefore engaged with the development of a multimodal-based augmented reality (AR) system for computer-aided surgery in the context of ear, nose and throat (ENT) treatment. In a multidisciplinary team with ARRI Medical, UBIMAX, Charité Berlin, Schölly and Pripares Software Solutions GmbH as the consortium leader, Fraunhofer HHI develops new computer vision algorithms for the full digital surgical microscope “ARRISCOPE”. The surgical view can be visualized on different displays guaranteeing the same surgical point-of-view to all viewers.  This is a significant improvement for intraoperative assistance, remote surgical collaborations and surgical training. Therefore, the surgical learning will have a steeper learning curve and operation times and complications can be reduced.

Find out more about the details and background of MultiARC on our project page