Our Partner cirp GmbH and their Collaborator Fazua Develop Reusable Face Visor

The current situation with COVID-19 has created an exceptionally high demand for protective equipment in hospitals and clinics, especially for Facial Visors. Therefore, our longtime partner cirp GmbH worked together with Fazua to plan and produce visors within a very short time. The two companies have already been collaborating for several years, which is one of the reasons why the cooperation has been so successful.

cirp GmbH is a specialist for additive manufacturing and rapid tooling in Heimsheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg and uses the latest CAD/CAM systems and 3D scanning and printing technology. Their partner Fazua GmbH is based in Oldenbrunn, Bavaria and is a producer of electric bicycle drives.

cirp used modern and efficient 3D-printing technologies to design and produce the first 800 headbands in less than 4 days.. At the same time Fazua produced the matching lenses for the facial visors and was therefore able to supply the first clinics with the product after only five days.

A stable temple, a large side cover and high wearing comfort characterize the visor. Additional covers for chin and forehead are available as optional extras. The visor distance to the headband is approx. 4cm, therefore the visor can be worn with breathing masks, protective goggles and/or corrective glasses. Another main advantage of the visors is their versatility and simple cleaning.

From now on, several thousand visors can be produced daily. They are available in packaging units of 100 from cirp and Fazua.

For more information on the building process, read cirps’ press release (only available in German).