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Welcome to the 3IT – Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies Berlin

The 3IT offers its partners the unique opportunity to jointly develop the field of immersive imaging technologies in a precompetitive environment. With its 600 m2 facilities it is not only a virtual network but a platform and venue at the same time.

Starting out as the 3D Innovation Center in 2012 the scope was officially extended in September 2014. Now the whole field of immersive imaging technologies, including 3D technology, UHD, HDR, HFR and VR is covered.

Take advantage of the collaboration and benefit from the exchange of knowledge! Become a partner of the 3IT!

Latest News

  • Forum: „Mediated Dance“ Open or Close
    On Monday, 12 December 2016, we're hosting the workshop "Forum: 'Mediated Dance'", a project of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

    In the Tanzjahr Germany 2016, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation and the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland are starting a common initiative in order to increase the presence of dance in the media. The long-term objective is to promote dance as an artistic form of expression – physically present and intellectually reflected upon, emotional and visual – to a large audience.v

    In three public forums on the subject “Dance and Film / Mediated Dance”, the exchange between dancers and dance filmmakers as well as between artists and media experts will be the main focus.

    “Mediated Dance” continues the series of meetings and workshops in Berlin on 12 December, a forum in Leipzig (spring 2017) will follow. The Berlin forum will join video filmmakers and media experts. Together, new strategies in order to increase the presence of dance will be developped by documenting live performances and bringing them to the media, especially to the internet and social media.

    From 3D-documentation to the use of smartphone cameras – technical and aesthetical questions will be discussed during the day. Experts in broadcasting and streaming will share their expertise and together with the experience of filmmakers and choreographers a fruitful discussion will bring light into the dark when it comes to the question about to what extent the spirit and soul of an ephemeral art can be transferred in digital media.

    WHEN : 12 December 2016, 10 am - 6 pm

    WHERE : 3IT, Salzufer 6, 10587 Berlin

    Please register by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    More information at www.dachverband-tanz.de or
    Dachverband Tanz Deutschland
    Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
    Tel. 030 / 37 44 33 92
  • VR NOW – The Tech Biz Art Conference Open or Close

    The first stand-alone business and development conference and award exclusively dedicated to VR in Germany connects essential aspects by asking basal questions. The VR NOW Awards 2016 celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in Virtual Reality.

    The goal of the conference is to give new impulses to the medium and boost the international developers and business community. Kathleen Schröter will be one of the moderators of this event. Celebrate the moment with us in a conference, the award show, partner expo and lots of networking opportunities. Let’s learn from and connect with each other to build the future of VR together. The time is NOW!

    Click here for more details.

    Date: 16 November 2016
    Location: Schiffbauergasse, Potsdam
    Use this code: 3ITvrNet20 to get a discount of 20% on a ticket of your choice.

    There is a limited number of free tickets for 3IT partners only. Please send an email to Carina Schoo, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.
  • 3DInMed at Medica 2016 Open or Close


    Fraunhofer HHI presents first results of our 3IT project 3DInMed at Medica 2016. Digital stereo camera systems offer new possibilities to extract and visualize additional information resulting in significantly enhanced conditions for diagnostics and surgical interventions. Shown are the latest research results for measuring, tracking of medical instruments, augmented reality applications (AR) and optimized 3D playback.

    There are still free ticket codes available!! Please contact Carina Schoo, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will provide you with the code.

    When: 14 - 17 November 2016

    Where: Düsseldorf, Germany

    Booth: Fraunhofer booth G05, Hall 10

    For more information on 3DInMed please click here or download the project flyer.
  • EVA Berlin @ 3IT Open or Close
    On 11 November 2016 the 3IT is hosting the social event evening of EVA Berlin for the second time. EVA stands for Electronic Media and Visual Arts.

    The 23rd EVA Berlin conference will take place from 9 - 11 November. The conference can be described as an annual discussion forum for electronic documentation and visualization technologies in the field of cultural heritage applications. Ambitious digitization projects with regard to cultural context, network-based research and new technical opportunities for museums, libraries and archives are presented with a strong reference to their usage. It encourages the exchange between heritage institutions and technology providers, information professionals and the public administration on current issues and innovative technologies of the digital society. Conference, workshops and exhibition offer a valuable opportunity to gain insight into new products and services and to establish partnerships. As part of the international network of EVA conferences in London, Florence, St. Petersburg and Jerusalem, the 23rd EVA event in Berlin is a platform for transnational exchange and European co-operation.

    A new topic of this year's conference can be paraphrased by the title DIGITAL ART. International digital media projects will present themselves at the evening event on Friday, 11 November, at our 3IT. There is an opportunity to discuss the challenge of ICT driven services for any area of life of the civil society - from share economy to big data and the question of the sustainable use of renewable resources - with reference to the varying perspectives of aesthetic concepts, media artists and curators.

    Please note: the conference will be held in German!

    When: 11 November 2016

    Where: 3IT, Salzufer 6, 10587 Berlin

    Time: 5.30 pm

    For more information on EVA Berlin and the whole conference please click here.

    Please have a look at the full conference program or at the program flyer.

    Registration information: http://www.eva-berlin.de/en/participation/registration.html
  • Games.net Industry Day Open or Close

    On November 10th the 3IT will be hosting the GAMES:NET INDUSTRY DAY. It is THE recruitment event in the Games Industry in the capital region.

    The GAMES:NET INDUSTRY DAY is the platform for the encountering of students, young professionals and interested people from the interdisciplinary areas Game Design, IT, Animation, Marketing and Finance with experienced experts with a focus on the gaming industry.

    The participating companies are introducing themselves with their latest projects and giving some insights in their practice. After this introduction round the companies are having the opportunity within an exhibition to get in touch with their future talents

    After the official event there will be a get-together sponsored by Warsteiner , and Red Bull.

    The event is free of charge but a registration is needed under the following link until November 8th. 2016

    WHEN : 10.11.2016, 14:00-18:00

    WHERE : 3IT, Salzufer 6, 10587 Berlin


    With the support of :

    3IT , Smart Data Forum , Warsteiner , BBW Hochschule , ISSF , MDH Berlin , School for Games , SAE Institute , HMKW , Games Academy , Hochschule Macromedia , Amazon Apsstore , Berlin Partner , Game Duell , Medienboard , Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg , Cluster IKT, Medien und Kreativwerkstatt , Gamesmarkt ,

    The participating companies are :

    Altagram , Experimental Game, Kunst-stoff GmbH, Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, Paymentwall, Pfeffermind, Stratosphere Games, TreasureHunt, MiriquidiFilm, TreasureHunt, Booster Space, Epic Games, Exozet, MyBet, TROTZKIND,


    14.00 Doors open
    14.15 Welcome Speeches, Andrea Peters, media:net berlinbrandenburg; Steffen Krach, secretary of state for science, senate administration for education, youth and science, Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, Antje Nestler, Carina Schoo, Kathleen Schröter, Fraunhofer HHI
    14.33 Experimental Game (Presentation in German)
    14.40 Pfeffermind Games (Presentation in German)
    14.47 Exozet (Presentation in German)
    14.54 kunst-stoff (Presentation in German)
    15.01 Freak 4U: PR (Presentation in German)
    15.08 Stratosphere Games (Presentation in German)
    15.15 mybet (Presentation in German)
    15.22 Epic Games (Presentation in English)
    15.28 Miriquidi Film (Presentation in English)
    15.35 Trotzkind (Presentation in English)
    15.42 Altagram (Presentation in English)
    15.49 TreasureHunt (Presentation in English)
    15.56 Paymentwall (Presentation in English)
    17.03 Booster Space (Presentation in English)
    17.10 Get-Together
    18:30 Doors Closed
  • CHANGING THE PICTURE Technology Conference Open or Close

    Changing The Picture NL

    WHERE TECH AND STORYTELLING INTERTWINE – under this slogan, CHANGING THE PICTURE brings together international speakers and professional participants. To what extent are new technologies challenging modern storytelling? This question will be discussed in current contexts using concrete examples. The hands-on Technology Conference is aimed at producers for film, TV and the web as well as distributors and innovative media technologists. Take advantage of their network, discover talent, projects and partners, and make the most out of two fully packed days in Babelsberg!

    Take part in Star Wars Animation designer Michael Koperwas critical exploration of the potential of Virtual Reality for the film and TV industry. Work side-by-side with Game of Thrones Emmy©-Awarded Visual Effects Supervisor and Creative Director Rainer Gombos to explore volumetric VR. Join Norwegian director of photography John C. Rosenlund and producer Stein B. Kvae as they share their innovative approach to metadata and workflows in their work on Oscar nominee The King’s Choice. Learn from John Hurst, leading international developer of media technologies, how the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) makes managing and processing multiple content versions more effective than ever. And witness the visionary introductory keynote from Maria Ingold, a top influencer in the next generation of UK television, as she shares her predictions for the future of film tech and sheds light the trends shaping the production and distribution of tomorrows narrative formats.

    Our partner ARRI will take part in the TECH SESSIONs and the 3IT is cooperating with the organizer of this event, transfer media. Therefore: All partners of the 3IT will receive a special discount! Please send an email to Carina Schoo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get 20% off the early bird or regular ticket.

    Date: 17 - 18 November 2016
    Location: Studio Babelsberg, Potsdam

    Tickets : http://www.changingthepicture.de/tickets/
    Ansprechpartner: Christopher Hohage
    Tel.: 0331 7212174
    Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • DIGILITY: Conference and Expo for Virtual and Augmented Reality Open or Close

    The Digility Conference took place in Cologne from 22 to 23 September 2016. Two exciting days were packed with interesting talks, technology demos and panel discussions. Peers known in the VR & AR environment came together to talk about their visions and ideas for the future. Since this was the first time the conference took place, we didn’t know what to expect. But the line-up of speakers looked promising and on top of this IQ Gemini, run by Kimo Quaintance and Alissia Iljaitsch, two speakers at former 3IT events, was responsible for the program. They invited Kathleen Schröter to moderate the “Developing for VR & AR” track and also asked her to give a keynote at the “Brand Experiences & Best Practices” track. Among the speakers were Alysha Naples, Magic Leap’s Senior Director of User Experience and Interaction until recently, and Robert Scoble from Upload VR.

    The conference was basically split into six pieces with talks and presentations on two main topics each day as well as different kinds of workshops. If you are interested in the conference program, please click here. Unfortunately it is not possible to give a report on all talks since two tracks were running parallel all day long but let’s try to summarize the main facts.

    Digility was co-located with this year's photokina in Cologne's huge trade fair center and professionally organized and executed with about 1000 guests. The focus was on AR & VR and the upcoming industry around it with the goal to learn about the technology, the stories, to connect with other spirits in this field, to push its development and discuss the social impact of these rising technologies.

    Alysha Naples, who was working for Magic Leap until recently, opened the conference with a clear message: Human beings do not really change a lot, we all have the same needs. Although the mode or the physical form may vary from decade to decade: people pack the same things they used to pack ages ago (only changing the mode – from a printed book to an ebook for instance). People are just physical. When we move half of our stuff into the digital space we leave the physical space – but still exist. Having this in mind, how do we need to design interaction? We must not carry over old metaphors to new media! Instead we need to create something completely new for new devices. We have to remove the frame that separates us from the data on the screen. Plus: We don´t need the screens anymore. Let´s go in-between! Break the screen that separates both worlds.

    Whether they were representing a tech & developing company like NVIDIA, 3DEXCITE or Crytek or a consumer brand like Audi, Volkswagen or Deutsche Bahn – many speakers made similar points: People get excited when you let them do impossible things. Also, people love to interact. Main message: Let them run free and experience your demo this way! Once again, exploration and engagement are the key factors to success! Alysha Naples’ talk later on the first day was stated afterwards to be the most important talk on AR/VR in 2016 – at least that’s what the magazine t3n wrote. One cannot sum up in just one sentence what her mission and vision are but to lay emphasis on the fact she reminded the audience once more that human beings don´t change. Only technology around us does. But humans still live a physical life, have a family, relations, they are eager to learn, to share, to play and to explore the world. Technology changes over the course of years and should support us and meet our needs. Alysha warned to not only think about the user of AR glasses. We must not only think about the perfect content for him or her – but we also need to think about the non-wearers. What’s with the other people in the room? How do AR and spatial computing affect society? Not addressing those questions might have been the reason why google glasses were unsuccessful. We recommend to read the article Why Google Glass Failed, But Magic Leap Will Succeed which summarizes an interview with Robert Scoble earlier this year.

    To learn more about DIGILITY check out their website which includes all speakers and the program. For more photos you are invited to have a look at their facebook page and for even more detailed reports on this event we recommend to read what their official media partners wrote: www.augmented.org.

    Photo: “Back to the future with Alysha Naples, former Magic Leap, and the humanoid robot Pepper on stage“ © Digility
  • Lawo@3IT: Broadcast and IP – a Perfect Match Open or Close
    Lawo and their partner Arista are going to inform about the challenges and solutions in the context of the migration of broadband to IP-based production environments. Contributors of several renowned manufacturers will give talks about the requirements and opportunities of the migration processes from SDI to IP that have been discussed and implemented in the broadcast industry for several years. Thereby the advantages of the usage of standard IT components, IP workflows and possible problems concerning range, reliability and workflow-restrictions are going to be determined.

    Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 9 am – 6 pm
    Location: 3IT, Salzufer 6 (Entrance: Otto-Dibelius-Strasse), 10587 Berlin

    Take the chance and benefit from the expertise of technology providers that already use the new and innovative technologies right before the IFA starts in Berlin. Click here to register.

    Program Agenda

    “Broadcast Migrates to IP – Which Requirements Need to Be Fulfilled by a Network? Challenges and Solutions”
    Sebastien Keller; Systems Engineer EMEA, Arista

    “Video-Over-IP Infrastructure for Live Sport“
    Johannes Kuhfuss; Chief Technology Manager, Lawo

    “Video-Over-IP Controlling for Live Sport“
    Axel Kern; Senior Product Manager, Lawo

    “From SDI to IP from the User‘s View“
    Timo Klages; Product Manager Broadcast Solutions, Rohde & Schwarz

    „Broadcasting Technologies Beyond HDTV“
    Dr. Ralf Schäfer; Director, Video Division Fraunhofer HHI

    “VR Production Engineering for Broadcast Application“
    Christian Weißig; Head of Capture & Display Systems Group, Fraunhofer HHI

    “Sony IP Live Strategy and Workflow in Broadcast Environment“
    Nicolas Moreau; Product Marketing Manager IP Live Production & Workflows, Sony

    “Perspectives of an Interconnected Production Environment“
    Jochen Metzler; Qualified Engineer, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

  • Tech Open Air @ HHI Open or Close
    Are you interested in the latest technology trends in big and smart data as well as in immersive imaging technologies like 3D, VR and 360° panoramas? Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and its cooperating partners exhibit their innovations for you to experience them hands on. We invite you to take a step into the future and we’ll be answering any questions you might have over drinks and snacks.

    Salzufer 6
    Entrance Otto-Dibelius-Strasse
    10587 Berlin

    Friday, July 15, 2016 from 11 AM to 4 PM.

    One tour per hour, 20 people max per tour.

    For further information about the Tech Open Air Festival and tickets visit http://toa.berlin

    For further information regarding our platforms and technologies please visit
    www.ciniq.de and www.hhi.fraunhofer.de
  • News from Solectrix: liaHDR at IBC 8.B68 Open or Close
    The increase of the dynamic range (HDR – High Dynamic Range), that is ideally close to the performance of the human eye, plays a decisive role in the realization of an immersive television experience. Thanks to the tremendous technical developments of camera sensors, the dynamic range of high-quality moving image cameras can reach values that can be referred to as HDR. Even though today’s displays are incapable of reproducing this increased dynamic range, a dynamic compression is essential.

    The goal of this collaboration project called live immersive adaptive High Dynamic Range (liaHDR) is to find an overall solution that will enable an immersive HDR from recording to playback, from glass to glass, such as for high-end live broadcasting. With a new type of 360° camera that compared to today’s cameras, has a clearly extended dynamic range, a real-time and a backward compatible process for the automatic dynamic adaptation, and a high-quality HDR – display; this overall solution allows the viewer to have a new, close to reality, immersive visual experience.

    The live immersive adaptive High Dynamic Range (liaHDR) project that will take place from 2016 to 2018 is a collaboration between three partners: The department of Engineering of the University Rhine Main, Solextrix GmbH from Nuremberg and sonoVTS GmbH from Feldkirchen near Munich. The project is being co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie – BMWi) in line with the Central Innovation Program (ZIM).

    First results of algorithms developed within this project will be demonstrated during IBC 2016 at the sonoVTS stand B68 in hall 8.

    For more information please download the flyer.



  • The 2nd Anniversary of the 3D Innovation Center Open or Close

    - was a full success and it came along with an important anouncement. The whole afternoon of September 4th 2014 was filled with a diverse and entertaining program with presentations from international guests and from our partners.

    The program started with a welcome ceremony from chairman Dr. Ralf Schäfer, head of the department Image Processing at Fraunhofer HHI, and Kathleen Schröter who, as the Executive Manager of the 3D Innovation Center, also moderated the event. Afterwards our partners and international guests came to the "stage" and presented facts, stories and ideas from their everyday business. You can still download the program and have a look at our speakers and their topics:Program 2nd Anniversary

    The afternoon was closed with the announcement that the 3D Innovation Center will be renamed Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies to extend the scope. This was the last official part of the event before everyone could enjoy a very pleasant get together.

    For all our partners the video and audio recordings of the program as well as the presentations that were held are available on the intranet!

    View the embedded image gallery online at:

  • From 3DIC to 3IT, the Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies Open or Close
    At the second anniversary celebration of the 3D Innovation Center, the chairman of our Steering Committee, Dr. Ralf Schäfer, officially announced that the name of the innovation center will change.

    In the future the efforts will no longer solely concentrate on 3D technology but will include all immersive technologies like UHD, HDR, HFR etc. as well as image and video applications from the medical and industrial sectors. By taking this step we want to demonstrate that we take the development of the market and of our partners into careful consideration. To make the extension of the scope more visible our Steering Committee voted for a change of name.

    The future name of the 3D Innovation Center will be: Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Technologies, 3IT in short. The logo and the website will be adapted und published soon.

    In addition, the venue of our innovation center will be extended as well. In the future our partners can also use another 500m2 (CINIQ Center). Fully equipped and with a modern design the added room offers enough space also for bigger events.

    We are looking forward to the changes and to the exciting work which lies ahead of us!

  • Dolby Vision, Dolby’s new imaging technology, is coming to Berlin Open or Close

    Dolby Vision™ delivers signals that offer 100 times the brightness of today's TVs, along with a much greater contrast ratio. Together, this combination allows a far wider color gamut - Dolby Vision can display nearly all of the millions of colors the eye can see. The difference between a Dolby Vision image and a regular TV image is striking.


    Dolby Vision works equally well for both HDTV and UltraHD, 2D, and 3D. It makes a greater difference in the picture than does increased resolution.


    3IDC members will have the opportunity to meet the Dolby Vision team and to experience the new technology!

    When: 4. September 2014, 14.00 in Central Berlin

    Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive further information and to book your place. Spaces are limited so contact Dolby as soon as possible.

    Find out more about Dolby Vision here


  • Jaguar Land Rover uses SeeFront 3D in innovative 3D instrument cluster Open or Close
    Jaguar Land Rover is looking at cutting-edge technology that could replace rear view and external mirrors with cameras and virtual displays. An innovative 3D instrument cluster based on SeeFront’s patented glasses-free 3D display technology has been showcased at a media event at the British automaker’s R&D facility in Gaydon, UK in July.

    Using two-dimensional imaging to replace mirrors is limited by the fact that single plane images on a screen do not allow the driver to accurately judge the distance or speed of other road users. The 3D instrument cluster developed by Jaguar Land Rover makes use of a SeeFront 3D display with integrated eye-tracking to create a perception of depth which allows the driver to judge distance. The 3D cluster is part of a suite of new concept technologies designed to reduce driver distraction.

    The patented SeeFront 3D technology allows the user to view 3D content without special 3D glasses. An integrated eye-tracking system detects the user’s position and transmits it to the 3D algorithm. This algorithm combines the images for the left and right eyes in a special way and in real time. An optical filter in front of the display generates a brilliant, compelling 3D impression. As the 3D image is continuously adjusted according to the user’s position, the user enjoys freedom of movement in all directions.

    Read more news about SeeFront


    Image rights: Jaguar Land Rover


  • Solectrix at MedTech Pharma 2014 Open or Close
    From July 2nd to 3rd, Solectrix, one of our Bronze Partners, will be showcasing its products and services at MedTech Pharma 2014 in Nuremberg. Solectrix’s booth is located in the NCC Ost congress center on the 2nd floor, booth no. 206. MedTech Pharma is an international congress for researchers, developers, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. This year the congress is focusing on ‘Digital Health’.This year the congress is focusing on ‘Digital Health’. Solectrix ist exhibiting a Kaps Microscope with the sinaCAM 3D, the Medical Linux Platform and the Low Power Medical Application.
  • Hollywood made in 'Franken' Open or Close

    Siegfried Foessel and Heiko Sparenberg, both from our partner and "sister" Fraunhofer IIS , have been awarded with the 'Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Preis' 2014 for EasyDCP, a software that enables small productions to create reliable digital cinema packages for all cinemas.

    Read More in German...

  • Memorandum of Understanding officially announced at 3 Tec in Beijing Open or Close
    On April 18th the 3D Innovation Center and the Professional Council of 3D Images (3D Council), which is part of the China Television Artists Association (CTAA), took the first step towards an international cooperation. Dr. Ralf Schäfer, chairman of 3DIC’s Steering Committee, and Dr. Wang Fu chairman of the 3D Council exchanged a Memorandum of Understanding, which is the basis for future events in China and Europe where the partners of both organizations can meet, establish contacts and exchange know-how about each other's markets. The 3D Quality and Technology Summit 3Tec in Beijing, organized by our partner imcube 3D solutions served as the perfect platform to officially announce this cooperation.

    3D has made a journey from AVATAR to GRAVITY and from FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE to YOUNG DETECTIVE DEE, and it had its ups and downs in the format's short history. Leading the Oscars with 7 awards this year, GRAVITY is not only financially the biggest cinema success of last year, but also in terms of creativity and technology the film has managed to attract new audiences to 3D.

    This new way of using technologies for the production of a blockbuster movie was the core topic of the 3Tec to which the Beijing Film Academy, Entgroup and imcube Technologies have invited Angus Cameron of Vision 3, Phil Streather of PLF, and our partners Florian Maier of Stereotec and Sönke Kirchhof of reallifefilm international as well as other international experts in 3D film production technologies. On the first day of the event the speakers presented insight views into new quality standards in 3D production and post-production, from international 3D professionals “who have done it” exclusively for professionals in the Chinese movie business.

    In order to achieve such high quality in production, the morning session of the conference program gave an in-depth view about latest innovations and achievements in 3D capture and display technology, where Dr. Ralf Schäfer of Fraunhofer HHI gave a keynote speech on “Advanced Imaging - Prepare Yourself for the Future of Film & TV”.

    The second day (April 19th) started with a special session about underwater shooting in 3D and VFX for 3D productions. More than 300 interested people attended the 3Tec on both days. As this event was the first of its kind in China, no one of the organizers expected such a congestion. It might demonstrate that 3D is still a hot topic, especially in the fastest growing market China.

  • New Cooperation: EMC² Open or Close
    We are happy to announce our new cooperation with EMC², the Competence Center for Media Computing and Communication!

  • First Trifocal 3D film at NAB Show 2014 Open or Close

    Disney's 3D short film "Make/Believe", shot with Fraunhofer HHI's revolutionary trifocal camera system, is to be presented at NAB. The 10-minute experimental live action film "Make/Believe" was produced by Fraunhofer HHI in association with Disney and Berlin based reallifefilm international using Fraunhofer's hybrid 2D/3D camera system and software.

  • Solectrix and Codex collaborate to develop Action CAM Open or Close

    Exciting news about our new partner Solectrix. The Nuremberg based company collaborates with Codex to develop a compact camera system with RAW recordings and 13.5 f-stops dynamic range - the Action CAM. The Action CAM will make its debut at NAB Show 2014 in Las Vegas at the Codex booth (Central Hall, booth C6048).

    Please download the PDFor contact us or Christian Kühn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information.

    To everyone at NAB - have a great fair!

  • HOMESTORY: Dolby Open or Close
    Some time ago we met up with Philipp Kraetzer and Lucia Grimaldi from Dolby. We had the chance to meet them in the Dolby Berlin office – a loft which was converted and refurbished from an empty factory and storage building to full equipped modernized offices.

    With tea and coffee Philipp and Lucia told us about the very beginnings of Dolby Berlin. Together with another colleague, Klaas Schüür, they founded their own company in 2000, specialized in video compression. In 2010 they were bought by Dolby Laboratories and are working in the field of software development and 3D solutions for the image processing sector ever since. Compared to the other Dolby offices in the whole world the one in Berlin is a relatively small unit with 16 employees – 15 male engineers and Lucia, the only woman (still hoping to change this, Dolby Germany will participate in the next Girls'Day.

    Dolby is mainly known for its sound systems and standards. The goal of the R&D team in Berlin is to set standards in the image processing sector as well and to strengthen the position of 3D. While 3D glasses are widely accepted as part of the 3D cinema experience, TV is a social experience: viewers want to crowd around and enjoy watching together. Glasses make that experience impossible to achieve. Therefore, Dolby has explicitly decided to support autostereoscopic 3D in the consumer business. The Dolby Berlin team is also involved in the development of Dolby Vision, a technology which enables a higher dynamic range and wider color gamut. Both, Dolby 3D and Dolby Vision, exploit the potentials of modern UHD technology in order to improve the visual experience.

    Since it is crucial to promote the development of 3D across all areas of entertainment delivery, Dolby 3D has been conceived as an end-to-end platform, covering the whole system chain from content producers to device manufacturers. This is one of the reasons why Dolby considers it a huge benefit to be partner of the 3DIC. Only recently Dolby was also voted to be the representative of all Silver Partners in the Steering Committee and is from now on invited to take part in strategic decisions concerning the development of the 3D Innovation Center.

    We enjoyed the morning at Dolby Berlin, it was a very insightful and at the same time entertaining meeting – not least because they have the mandatory Dolby soccer table in their kitchen…


    If you are interested in learning more about Dolby 3D click here.


    View the embedded image gallery online at:

  • Welcome to the world of 3D Film and TV: 3D Creative Summit 2014 in London Open or Close

    Ralf Tanger, Jean-Claude Rosenthal (both Fraunhofer HHI) and Sönke Kirchhof (reallifefilm international) will be speaking about latest research and developments of ASP and the Trifocal Camera System. Kathleen Schroeter will moderate a panel on Higher Frame Rate capturing in cooperation with Emily Carr University Vancouver at this year´s 3D Creative Summit on March 12th and 13th in London. The event is organized by the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society, Ravensbourne and the British Film Institute. Check out their amazing program and all the other top speakers: