Review: NAB Show 2015

Newsletter NAB gross This year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas was all about cameras that are getting smaller and smaller, but at the same time have bigger sensors – and they are meeting the demand for 4K. Read more about the products 3IT partners exhibited in Las Vegas, April 11–16, 2015.

Our partner's ARRI ALEXA Mini was one of the camera types that became impressively small and maintained the quality standards nonetheless. This latest development is one of the numerous examples that show us where the industry is heading to. TV sets for professional use were all equipped with 4K resolution and transmission was barely done without HEVC. Fraunhofer HHI showed its first real-time HEVC encoder with 10bit 4K 60Hz – another advancement since IBC in September 2014.

Regarding HDR, our partner DOLBY announced its partnership with VIZIO on April 13, 2015. The aim of this collaboration is to bring Dolby Vision to the consumer market through the VIZIO Reference Series 65” and 120” Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TVs. For more details we recommend to read the press release.

One of the biggest topics at CES 2015 in Las Vegas this past January were Virtual Reality glasses. At a conference session organized by the Advanced Imaging Society content producers, providers of stitching software and developers of VR gear discussed the needs of the market and the challenges in the areas of content production and display resolution. Followed by a demonstration session this discussion gave insights into future developments of the market. Evidently the 3D technology is still a very important subject regarding immersive imaging technologies in general and it was said that there is a pressing demand for 3D solutions and 3D content...

Furthermore, different content producers showed their latest 3D solutions, e.g. Fraunhofer HHI and imcube labs presented their results of the European funded project 3Flex. This project develops OpenFX plugins for depth-based post-production workflows supporting stereo and trifocal source footage and providing tools for 2D, stereo 3D and multiview/autostereo productions. At NAB 2015 plugins were showcased with MambaFX from the project partner SGO.

All in all, in comparison to the NAB Show 2014 it was a smaller convention this time but more focused on the technologies mentioned above.

To give you a better impression of what our partners' booths looked like we took some pictures: